We’re here to keep your home sparkling clean, from mopping and vacuuming, to polishing surfaces and scrubbing the bathroom. If you and your family also do what you can to keep each room tidy, the entire house will be an organised, inviting and relaxing environment every single day. However, spaces that often get neglected are the garage, shed and other external buildings, so we’ve popped together some tips for getting them up to scratch.

Start with the clutter
Sorting through everything is always the best place to start, as it will probably turn out that there’s plenty of stuff that can either be thrown, recycled or given away. Begin by creating an area to do this, such as a workbench or a section of the floor, otherwise it will prove almost impossible to keep on top of it all.

It’s always tempting to throw anything you don’t need in the rubbish bin, but by investing a little more time into a thorough sort-out, you can ensure that materials that can be recycled are put in the right bin. If you have time, a trip to the tip will mean that items such as electrical equipment, paint tins, old batteries, cardboard, timber and so on are properly processed, rather than going to landfill.

And of course, it’s always good when something can be given a new home. When you have spare tools, see if a neighbour wants them. If there are unwanted books, DVDs, knickknacks and other items in decent condition, take them to a charity shop and do your bit toward supporting a worthy cause.

Have a good old clean
By now you might be feeling a little tired, in which case have a cuppa and put your feet up for half an hour. Once you’ve recharged, get back in there and clean everything from top to bottom – we mean this literally, as shelves and other surfaces that are high up will be dusty, so the floor should be left till last.

Clean the garage as you would your home, using the vacuum cleaner, mop, scourers, polish and dusters to achieve the task at hand. It may even be worth buying a secondary set of cleaning equipment to keep in there all year round.

Consider some DIY
Completely optional, but now might be a good time to apply a fresh lick of paint, fix or replace any tired or potentially dangerous furnishings, replace dead lightbulbs and check the place for leaks. This can be great fun, as you could end up totally transforming the place in a way you never thought possible.

Get organised
If you keep a car in the garage, you could move things around to ensure there’s always space to park up and exit without it being a tight squeeze. Or perhaps you use the garage for tools, gardening equipment and so on, in which case you could add some new storage units and shelves that house everything neatly and guarantee easy access.

Either way, store all items in a logical way. Everyday tools and necessities should be very easy to reach, whilst seasonal bits and bobs (lawnmower, Christmas tree, deckchairs, barbecue) can afford to be in a cupboard or corner, and things that you have “just in case” can definitely go in a storage box underneath a workbench or be placed on a high shelf.

Any small items in large numbers (screws, nails, clothes pegs) should be kept in tins, Tupperware or something similar, as this will ensure that they don’t spill everywhere or go astray.

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