Whilst we’re here to keep every room of your home clean, hygienic and fresh-smelling, you may still find it hard to keep the place tidy. This is only natural, as we all lead very busy lives these days and often leave the decluttering till last. Still, it would be a real shame to not let your home reach its full potential, so we’ve popped together some simple tips that can make a world of difference in just five minutes or less.


Move the dishes to the kitchen regularly

We’re all guilty of leaving dishes, glasses and the odd spoon in rooms throughout the house. It could be a meal you had in front of the TV, hot chocolate in bed, a snack whilst doing the gardening or even a glass of prosecco in the bath. Whatever the case, leaving crockery and glassware in different rooms not only makes a mess, it also means that you might not have everything you need when preparing an evening meal.

The best thing to do is to take dishes and cutlery down to the kitchen as soon as you’re done with them, or at least when you’re finished in that room or ready to go to sleep. If necessary, do this the morning after, but no later than that as it’s a slippery slope. If you have a dishwasher, pop everything in it and go about your day. If not and you don’t have time to wash them there and then, fill the bowl with soapy water and leave everything to soak.

This can also prevent accidents, as there’s nothing worse than standing on a stray fork when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Keep on top of waste and recycling

Similar to the above, put waste and recycling into separate indoor bins as soon as possible, as this will ensure that your home is free from rubbish.

It’s also a great idea to rinse out food packaging where required, making the recycling process more effective whilst stopping unwanted odours from filling your home and bins.


Place your food waste caddy in the freezer

We’ve had a few customers who have food waste caddies tell us that they can cause a terrible stink, especially during the hotter months. Even if you empty them every day, which can be a waste of compostable bags, the summer heat and direct sunlight can make even a sealed caddy turn nasty very quickly. To help with this, here’s a tip that’s recommended by some local authorities for households:

Place the caddy on an empty shelf at the bottom of your freezer (ideally in a closed tray) and make sure that it’s always properly sealed. The food waste inside will quickly freeze and won’t have time to rot, therefore eliminating bad smells and also stopping flies from accessing it. Once it’s full, tie a knot in the bag and place into your large food waste bin as you normally would.


Straighten things regularly

Rather than (or as well as) putting time aside in your day to do a big tidy, simply organise a very small area of the room you’re in when you see a problem. Though it’ll only take a moment, the improvement will be increasingly visible the more you do it. From your bedding and sofa cushions to magazines and ornaments, it’s amazing how effective a tiny straighten can be.


Store essential items in clear places

Certain objects such as keys, wallets and purses, spare change, phone chargers and stationery can cause a real headache when they go missing. The solution is incredibly simple, as all it takes is a fresh mindset and clear storage spaces for each one. For instance, a small bowl or hooks by the front door for keys, a tray for coins, a spare charger in a busy room, and so on – you’ll find that life becomes much more manageable when these things are always in their designated place.


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