Our diligent professionals are always on hand to get homes and workplaces as clean as a whistle, which not only makes them look amazing but also greatly increases hygiene levels. However, sometimes people with the cleanest premises neglect the vehicles they use to travel between them, so we’ve popped together some tips for getting your car or van up to scratch.


Take everything out

To begin with, take everything out of the vehicle so that you can easily clean all areas. This includes everything from blankets and books on the back seat, to storage boxes and tools in the boot. Don’t forget the glove compartment and any other spots that probably contain all kinds of bits and bobs, as only this way can you achieve a thorough clean and tidy.


Discard any unwanted items

The vast majority of vehicles will have at least a little bit of rubbish here and there, especially under the seats and tucked away in storage sleeves. Whilst you’re at it, sort everything into junk and recycling, as this way you can ensure that everything is disposed of properly.


Clean the hard surfaces first

Now that you have space to move and there’s nothing to get in your way, you can get cracking with the cleaning. A good place to start is by wiping down the dashboard, steering wheel and consoles, as cleaning from top to bottom always brings the best results.

If your cloth gets dirty very quickly, swap it for a new one so that you get the best results quickly and with minimal effort.


Invest time in the details

If some areas are particularly dirty or dust has accumulated in cracks, you could use a toothbrush or cotton buds to remove every last speck. This also helps to really bring out the detail of the vehicle’s furnishings, making it look brand new.


Wipe down the windows

Whilst a car wash will get the outside of the windows lovely and clear, the internal sides are often neglected. Using a microfibre cloth and some window cleaner, you can now get them sparkling clean, and you may be amazed how much this increases visibility when driving.


Remove the floor mats

Before you start to vacuum, take out the floor mats so that every crumb and piece of dirt can be sucked up with ease. If the floor mats are plastic, these can be cleaned with a garden hose and wiped down with a cloth, then left to dry before being returned to the car. If they’re made of fabric and machine washable, pop them in for a spin.


Vacuum like crazy

Chances are that there’s all kinds of tiny detritus spread throughout the vehicle, so vacuum the floors (including beneath the seats), all of the upholstery and every area of the boot.

Using different nozzles can make this much smoother and stress-free, allowing you to get into nooks and crannies in seconds. Make sure to move the front and raer seats into different positions so that you can access all areas.


Clean the seats

Depending on the type of fabric, the seats can be brought back to life with a suitable cleaner (if in doubt, check the label to see what it can be used for, or even ask a car specialist for advice).

If there are persistent blemishes, a range of stain removers are available that will tackle everything from food and ink, to oil and chewing gum. Again, check the label to ensure that it’s suitable for the job.


Air out the vehicle

If you can do all of the above with the doors and boot open, the car or van will already have received a good airing. However, if you’ve used a few cleaning products, we recommend allowing the smells and fumes a little extra time to dissipate.


Install an air freshener

It’s amazing the effect a simple air freshener can have. By topping it up or replacing when no longer functional, your vehicle will remain fresh and welcoming all year round.


Put everything back

Returning everything to the vehicle shouldn’t take as long as when you removed it, as there will surely be a few things that have been thrown away. When doing this, see if there are any small changes that can be made to increase accessibility and efficiency, such as tissue paper, a pen and your local authority recycling pass being placed at the front of the glove box.


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