A neat and tidy work environment is at the heart of every productive business. Whilst keeping everything clean and presentable means that you’re creating a good impression for visitors and customers, it also ensures that health and safety, hygiene, accessibility and organisation are maximised. All it takes is for someone to trip over a computer lead and they could be off work for months, or for important paperwork to become lost and a department thrown into chaos. What’s more, working in the middle of a mess is never enjoyable, whereas efficient surroundings are bound to encourage higher levels of productivity.

To help get your workplace looking sharp, here are some of our top tips and recommendations:

Tackle the most obvious areas first: If the stationery cupboard is a minefield or the champagne glasses in the staff room are impossible to reach, this is where you should begin. Jobs like these are often easier to finish than expected, as they’re usually as a result of unnecessary items building up. If a lot of junk can be thrown away, recycled or given to charity, you’ll find that new space becomes available very quickly.

Search the premises for hazards: The majority of workplace accidents are a result of situations that can be easily rectified. Trailing cables, electrical equipment too close to the edge of a surface, items dropped on the floor and boxes obstructing emergency routes are not only unsightly, they can also contravene health and safety regulations. By fixing the problems and telling your staff why it needs to stay that way, your workplace will remain more manageable from thereon.

Everyone should chip in: If your staff have their own desks and working areas, make sure that they take ownership over keeping them clean and tidy. We’re all guilty of letting rubbish pile up now and then, but nurturing a company culture that revolves around tidiness should keep the place shipshape long-term. Simple acts such as throwing away a pen as soon as it’s empty really add to the overall positive impact.

Don’t use unseen spaces as bins: Drawers, cupboards and hidden corners are very popular when it comes to the dumping of paperwork, superfluous items and little bits and bobs. Get everyone to have a thorough spring clean and you’ll be amazed how much extra storage space you free up.

Invest in clutter-reducing equipment: If every member of staff has a desk organiser, combined with filing cabinets, shelving units and other appropriate furniture where required, there’ll be no excuse for random items being scattered willy-nilly. This not only makes the place look nicer, but also results in everything becoming much more accessible. (Admit it, there have been times when you simply couldn’t find the printer ink even though you definitely bought some last week.)

Add a little greenery: The odd potted plant here and there will inject welcome colour and life into any workplace. On top of this, the clean air can help to invigorate and inspire staff, leading to a further increase in productivity.
Hire the professionals: Whilst you and your team keep on top of the clutter, we’re here to vacuum, mop, dust, polish, scrub the kitchen and bathroom, empty the bins and clean all of the desks with antibacterial wipes. Together we can get your workplace looking spick and span 24/7, so get in touch today!

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