Everyone loves a good party or get-together, although it’s not quite as much fun for the homeowner the day after. But don’t worry, by hiring Niche Housekeeping Services you have a team of cleaning specialists on hand to help you get the place looking as good as new in no time.

When we visit your home, we ask that all areas that require cleaning are tidy and clutter-free. This way we can do what we do best, using our expertise and commitment to get everything clean, hygienic and smelling as fresh as a daisy. However, parties can result in an awful lot of mess, so here are some tips for getting your living areas under control again before we arrive.


Start with the rubbish
Unless you have the most considerate friends ever, chances are there’ll be bits and bobs left all over the place. The easiest way to sort this is to take a bin or refuse bag into the messy areas, as you can then swiftly remove all of the chaos.

If you have a food waste caddy, take this into the main rooms too, as crusts and crumbs can be put straight into the biodegradable bag.


Empty cans and bottles
It’s rare that a party ends with every can and bottle totally empty, and the last thing you want to do is put everything into a bin bag only for liquids to then spill everywhere. The easiest method of sorting this is to carry cans and bottles to the kitchen on a tray, empty the dregs down the sink, then take them straight to your recycling bin.

If possible, move your council bins close to your kitchen so that you have quick access to them whilst tidying.


Wash the pots
Do you have a dishwasher? Yes? Excellent! Pop everything in there and let it do its job. If not, you know that you’ll thank yourself later for doing all of the dishes before teatime. This also means that we can access the sink and kitchen surfaces to give them a good old scrub.


Save leftovers
If some of the spread is still remaining after the party, make sure to put food in plastic containers and seal bottles with reusable stoppers. You can then enjoy delicious snacks after a hard day’s work (or when recovering from your hangover).


Leave the rest to us!
Our methodical cleaning team will spruce up the bathroom and kitchen, dust and polish all of the skirting boards, furniture, ornaments, light fittings and picture frames, remove any cobwebs, clean the internal windows and, of course, vacuum and mop all of the floors.

You can rest assured that we don’t just focus on making everything look clean, as we also ensure that it’s bacteria-free and fresh-smelling, creating a hygienic and welcoming environment.

Thanks to our exemplary cleaning service, you’ll then be ready for another party… or maybe just a cosy night in watching the telly.


Give us a ring
Are you having a party and need a professional domestic cleaning crew afterwards? Do yourself a favour and contact us in advance on 01482 880477 to book a visit from Niche Housekeeping Services.