Our professional, diligent and friendly cleaning teams are here to keep your home spotless, hygienic and fresh-smelling. We can visit as often as you wish, with many customers choosing monthly, fortnightly and even weekly cleaning sessions. By offering this flexibility combined with affordable prices, you can choose the right frequency to ensure that your home never gets too dirty and remains a calm, welcoming environment.

However, if there’s one thing that can really undo hours of scrubbing, vacuuming and polishing, it’s household pets. If you own a cat or dog (or both), they’re well worth the mess that they create, but that doesn’t mean that you need to live amongst mud, dust, debris and lingering pongs. We’ll clean your home from top to bottom, and here are some tips for minimising the impact your pet has on its surroundings between visits.

A clean pet is a happy pet

Though dogs only want to make their owners happy and cats clean themselves, the mess that they create can be truly impressive. From traipsing in mud and leaving soggy paw prints, to bringing in “presents” and leaving the odd “gift” despite being housetrained, the list goes on. And then there’s shedding, which is especially annoying if you have carpets, plus fleas are certainly an unwanted visitor to any home.

To ensure that your pets make as little mess as possible, create a grooming routine that adapts to different situations. For instance, if they’ve been for walkies or spent the day skulking around the neighbourhood, a quick rub down or brushing session should get them back to normal. If, on the other hand, it’s been raining or you took them to a muddy park, a nice bath using pet shampoo will be much more effective.

For dogs, regular trips to a groomer is the perfect way to keep their coats clean, shiny and healthy, which is great for the home as well as the pooch.


Look after their beds

Pet beds and other related products such as scratching posts, blankets and toys can get very dirty and smelly. It’s not the animal’s job to clean them, so we’re sorry to say it’s down to you. Still, when it comes to fabrics, all you have to do is pop them in the washing machine (not with your clothing) or wash them in the kitchen sink. Larger items such as beds, feeding stations and scratching posts need a little more elbow grease, but if you remember to clean them on a regular basis the effort required will be significantly reduced.

Whilst doing this makes everything clean, shiny and fresh-smelling, it also benefits the pet’s health, hygiene and well-being.


Scoop the poop!

Some pets know that they should go outdoors but are too old, frail or nervous to make it in time, resulting in doing their business in the house. We realise that this can be frustrating, but it’s important to remember that it’s not their fault and to respond as quickly as possible. If you leave pee, poo, sick or hairballs to set, chances are they’ll stain the floor, not to mention the fact that the bacteria will spread whilst the odour fills the air.

There are multiple enzyme-based cleaners designed for this type of job, which are safe for the animal whilst ensuring that everything is properly sanitised.


Open the windows

You’ll grow accustomed to the smell of your pets very quickly, yet a visitor to your home could immediately be hit with a very unwelcome odour. Fresh air is the best remedy, as it will remove the stuffiness and revitalise your home. You can even do this during the colder months, opening a window or door for a few minutes for a quick blast of cleansing winter crispness.

It could also be worth purchasing a air purifier, as they’re built to tackle pet dander and odours.


We’ll do the rest

Don’t forget that these tips are just to keep you happy and healthy in your home between visits. The rest of the cleaning jobs can be done by Niche Housekeeping Services, from thoroughly vacuuming and mopping the floors, to polishing furniture, removing cobwebs, scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom, and using our professional anti-bacterial products to kill all of the germs.

To book a one-off clean or regular visits, give us a call on 01482 880477.