We work with landlords across Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire to keep student houses clean and hygienic. Over the years we’ve come across a few homes that are lacking the right dynamic, so we’ve put together some expert advice for making the new term enjoyable for all.


Be social

Getting to know the people that you live with is essential if you’re going to feel comfortable in your home for the rest of the academic year. Be sure to have a chat with your housemates and let them know that you’re available for a cuppa whenever they fancy it. This will help to alleviate any qualms from last year and set you all on the right course.


Establish boundaries

Even a few months into living together, there may be severe communication problems. If so, it’s time to set boundaries and establish some house rules. To live in relative harmony and not end up with a passive-aggressive Post-it war, it’s crucial to be open about how you each expect to live.

Whether this is ensuring that everyone washes their dishes or you’d rather that people knocked before entering your room, have a chat over a meal about any issues you think need rectifying.


Cleaning rota

Many arguments in student houses stem from different standards of cleaning. To prevent this, you should lay down some rules and decide on who’s going to do which chores and when.

Perhaps get everyone in the house to choose a job and stick to it for the rest of the semester, or take it in turns to clean the bathroom, kitchen and communal areas. It’s important that everyone pulls their weight and respects the space that they live in, otherwise arguments can get pretty heated.


Meet each other halfway

Compromise is key when you share a house with anyone, whether it’s student housemates, your parents or a partner. After all, you won’t get very far if everyone in the house is super stubborn and disagrees on a particular topic. Therefore, it’s best to come to a decision that benefits everyone, even if it means you each make a little sacrifice for the greater good.


Have fun!

Perhaps most importantly, be sure to make the most of your time as a student. As a fresher you’ve probably heard this many times before (and if you haven’t, you will do), but your time at university goes by very quickly. There probably won’t be another period in your life where you share a house with so many other adults – it can be a lot of fun, so don’t miss out.


Calling all landlords

We’re here for all of your cleaning needs, from end of tenancy jobs to regular visits. If you’d rather have a team of professionals stay on top of the cleaning, our meticulous specialists will get everything spick and span as often as you require, all for an affordable price.

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