We visit a lot of homes across Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire that have an office either in a bedroom, a spare room or an external building, such as a converted garage. We’re here to keep yours fresh and hygienic like the rest of your property, but the difference between something being clean and it being tidy is enormous. To help you get your home office running at optimum efficiency, we’ve popped together a few suggestions that will make an enormous difference.


Organisation and storage
Even the smallest business run from home can come with a lot of paperwork and physical stock. Bills, invoices, receipts, notes and anything else in paper form can get lost, damaged and mixed up, whilst larger items can block entire areas of the room. This can prove a nightmare when it comes to delivering work, doing your taxes and generally staying in control.

To rectify the problem, invest in the type of storage units that fit your needs, which can include filing cabinets, shelves and stackable boxes, all the way down to labelled folders and a desk tidy.


Unwanted paperwork
Once the above is ticked off your list, you’ll probably find that some paperwork is no longer required. Rather than letting it get absorbed back into your files and folders, dispose of it in the most suitable way possible. For instance, a home office will greatly benefit from two bins – general waste and recyclable materials – as this way you can easily empty them into the main bins that are collected by the local council.

Then there are the more sensitive documents, so buying a shredder will give you the peace of mind that none of your information can be accessed by criminals.


Does everything belong in there?
Desk drawers and other storage areas in a home office can become clogged up with unnecessary bits and bobs very quickly. Some of it might be rubbish, whilst other tiny items (paperclips, stationery, envelopes etc) can be rounded up and put in a single place.

There may even be things that have migrated from elsewhere in the home, such as mugs, cutlery, clothing, shoes, magazines and, if you have a child, toys and playthings. Returning everything to its rightful place and creating organisational systems will not only make your working day run more smoothly, it’s also very therapeutic and can make your office look much more professional.


Tame the cables
Chances are you use a computer or laptop (maybe both), plus there could be a printer, landline phone, radio, TV and various other electrical equipment in your home office, not to mention a charger for your mobile.

Cables have a life of their own, becoming messy, tangled and a tripping hazard with minimal input from their owners. At the very least you should tidy them up and line them along the skirting board, and if you really want to keep them in place, you could use cable ties or velcro strips.


If you’ve blitzed the room and still find that there’s not enough space, think about digitising in any way you can. Examples are online diaries, to-do lists, address books and notepads, all of which help to reduce the clutter and also come with the option to backup information in the event that you lose or damage your device.

It’s amazing the difference this can make, although we understand if you simply can’t part ways with your cute cat calendar.


Think about wellbeing
Your entire home office should now be nice and tidy, plus with Niche Housekeeping Services visiting on a regular basis, it will also be clean and dust-free. However, there’s something else we’d suggest in order to make it a truly productive working space: natural light, fresh air, a few plants and your favourite music.

Wellbeing is closely linked to productivity, so make sure that you feel comfortable and happy whilst running your business.


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