WD-40 is great for when you’re doing a little DIY, but did you know that the handy spray can be used for all kinds of other jobs around the home? Read on to discover how this affordable, everyday product can help you to make home maintenance a doddle.


Ban hard water stains
Beverley, Hull and the surrounding areas have what Yorkshire Water calls “very hard water”, which is as hard as it gets. Whilst hard water is good for the body thanks to its high levels of calcium and magnesium, it can come with annoying results in your home. For instance, glass shower doors will most likely have streaks and spots due to the water’s composition, which are easy to remove but can be very difficult to prevent.

Once you (or our cleaning team) have cleaned the shower area, take your WD-40 and wipe a thin layer over the glass. Due to it being water-resistant, it will help to repel water stains and keep your bathroom clean and shiny.


Give your fake plants some life
If you have any artificial flowers or plants, you’ll enjoy the fact that they always look great without needing a drop of water or a single ray of sunlight. However, they can get dusty very quickly, so take a cloth and use WD-40 as you would furniture polish. We guarantee that they’ll shine up a treat!


Spruce up the gardening equipment
It’s easy to leave gardening tools covered in mud once you’ve used them, and cleaning them with water can often lead to areas becoming rusty. This needn’t be the case when you have WD-40 to hand, as spraying the area of the tool that makes contact with the ground will result in the dirt not being able to stick to the metal or plastic surface. This not only helps the equipment to look great, but could also prolong their lifetime.


Remove crayon from walls
It’s great to see your little ones being creative and expressing themselves, although not so much when they do it with crayon or felt tips on your lovely walls. Luckily, some WD-40 sprayed onto a folded paper towel is an effective way of removing your wannabe-Banksy’s artwork without causing any damage, although we recommend testing this out first on another area that’s hard to see just in case.


Shine up your sink
WD-40 shouldn’t be used on surfaces where you prepare food but it’s absolutely fine for stainless steel sinks. Simply spray a thin layer over the surface, leave for fifteen minutes, then buff it up with a cloth. Whilst cleaning away any stubborn stains and food deposits, it will also help to prevent corrosion and keep the sink looking brand new.

Once you’re done, rinse away any excess product so that the sink is ready for the evening’s dishes.


Unstick sticky things!
Gooey residue is no match for WD-40. From sticker marks left on books, DVDs and gifts, to chewing gum that’s been stamped into your kitchen floor, apply some of the wonder spray, leave it for ten minutes or so, then carefully remove the grime with a cloth or paper towel.

This works for practically all types of surfaces, although we recommend you use your judgement if it’s a particularly delicate material.


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