It may seem odd, a company that offers housekeeping services giving free advice on how to keep your home tidy. However, for health and safety reasons we ask that your property is clutter-free prior to our staff carrying out their tasks. This has everyone’s best interests in mind, as it creates a safe environment for our cleaners to work in whilst preventing accidental damage.

What’s more, we’re here to make your home squeaky clean, fresh smelling and hygienic, yet tidiness is something that’s very easy for the homeowner to factor into their daily routine. By combining a little bit of tidying with our regular cleaning services, you’ll find that your living spaces look better than ever before.

Start with the bed: Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you to make your bed? They had an excellent point – it’s a very quick and easy task, yet the difference it makes to a bedroom is quite astonishing. What’s more, it puts you in a positive frame of mind for the rest of the day, as you’ve already achieved something before leaving for work.Do your laundry in small batches: It’s very tempting to allow dirty clothing to pile up and then wash it all on the weekend. The problem with this is that you might forget or not get round to it, in which case you’ll find yourself with barely any wardrobe options for the following week. Also, allowing laundry to accumulate can cause fustiness and unpleasant odours to spread through a room and even the rest of your home, so doing a wash every 2-3 days is highly beneficial. And don’t forget that we offer a laundry and ironing service too, helping you to stay in control of your frocks and pantaloons.

It doesn’t have to be perfect: We meet people all the time who leave areas of the home to become grimy, then eventually do a deep clean and won’t stop scrubbing until every inch is absolutely spotless. The most effective way to stay on top of everything is to give surfaces a quick wipe on a regular basis, then let Niche Housekeeping Services dust, polish, vacuum, mop and clean them to perfection!
It’s not all down to you: Unless you live alone, the tidying shouldn’t be entirely your responsibility. Get your partner, children or housemates involved and allocate areas and tasks to each person. This should help to keep the whole property tidy and in order, so there’ll be no excuse for rummaging for the remote control and finding a year-old Mars Bar down the back of the sofa.

It’s not just the visible areas: Kitchen drawers, spare rooms, the shed, garage and cupboard under the stairs are usually the worst spots for gathering unwanted items. Having a tidy up and a clear-out is a great way to free up space, plus chances are a lot of it can be recycled or taken to a charity shop. If you find items that are in perfect condition but you really don’t need them, why not offer them to a friend?

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