Our meticulous teams keep homes and workplaces clean and hygienic, helping to maintain tidy, fresh and attractive surroundings. But even if your living room is sparkling and your office is spotless, disorganised digital devices can take their toll on your productivity, wellbeing and control over your life. We’ve popped some tips below for having a digital declutter that will make each day run more smoothly.


Set your browser to save files in a convenient place

By default, your internet browser saves files to the downloads folder, which can sometimes be a pain. If you’d rather they save to the desktop, you can choose it in the Downloads section in the Settings. You can even change this so that the browser asks where you’d like to save each file before downloading, which is great for quick and easy organisation.


Sort files by date

If you have multiple files in a single folder, especially documents such as invoices, lists and other date-based information, saving them with the date as the file name is a great way to find them quickly. To get the most out of this, the format should be the year, month and then the date, such as 2019.03.25, as this way they’ll be sorted effectively.


Try different apps for to-do lists

Having all of your appointments and events in a calendar (such as Outlook or Google) is a great way to keep on top of everything. However, your list of small tasks could overwhelm a calendar, so try apps such as Wunderlist, Todoist, TickTick and any others that have features designed around your specific needs.


Use a cloud storage platform

Keeping all of your files on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile takes up a lot of space and can slow down the device. It’s also risky, as the device could be lost, stolen, damaged or simply reach the end of its life, taking your information with it. By signing up to a cloud storage site such as Dropbox or Google Drive (which are often free), you can access files from anywhere without causing your tech to become sluggish.


Keep your desktop tidy

Once you’re finished with a file, photo or video for the time being, archive it in a clearly labelled folder. A hectic desktop can cause you stress when you need a file in a rush, plus it reduces the risk of accidentally deleting an important one when dragging multiple files to the trash.


Clean up your social media

We all follow social media accounts that caught our eye a few months or even years ago, yet which are now either inactive, irrelevant or fill our feeds with unwanted posts. By investing time into a social media purge, you can ensure that you’re only seeing updates from people, brands and organisations that you’re interested in.


Streamline your phone contacts

The above tip also applies to your phone contacts. There are no doubt some people in there who don’t need to be, such as the finance department of a company you left years ago or a pizza takeaway that you now order from through Just Eat. Have a good look and remove any that you no longer need.


Uninstall old and superfluous apps

Many of us download all kinds of apps, from games to photo editors, only to stop using them after a few weeks. These take up valuable space, so uninstall any that you don’t want. You can always add them again in the future if the need arises.


Delete texts and clear the calls list

Old text messages and an endless call log can make your smartphone look messy. If there are any that you don’t need, simply delete them. If you might require the information at a later date but don’t want the text clogging up your inbox, write it down or, even better, save it in a digital note or in the cloud.


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