Niche Housekeeping Services has multiple commercial customers across Beverley, Hull and East Yorkshire. We’re here to vacuum and mop the floors, empty the bins, remove dust and cobwebs, wipe down desks, and scrub the kitchen and bathrooms till they’re spotless. We find that customers get the most out of our services when they stick to a regular tidying regime, as the combination of cleanliness and order brings maximum results.

To help you achieve this, we’ve put together a list of top tidying priorities that will transform your working environment.


Have a ruthless clear-out
Most workplaces have plenty of large items that are simply superfluous, such as boxes, packaging and even unnecessary furniture. By getting rid of these first, you’ll be amazed how much extra space you suddenly have. Next, get everyone to go through their paperwork and shred anything that’s doesn’t need to be kept. Last but my no means least, sort through cupboards and drawers, throwing away or giving to charity any bits and bobs that no longer serve a function.


Rearrange the furniture
Many workplaces gain new furnishings and storage units as time goes by, resulting in higgledy-piggledy arrangements that are far from logical. Take a look at how staff move through the workplace and decide if everything is as it should be. If you find that people have to make a detour around a filing cabinet or the paper recycling bins are nowhere near the printer, make a few changes so that the natural flow of people through each area is simple and effective.


Replace old items
Old crockery and cutlery can look so shabby, yet it’s very cheap to replace. Some items may be more expensive to upgrade, such as faulty chairs or tired equipment, but we guarantee that an “out with the old, in with the new” mentality will breathe life into your workplace. What’s more, investing in new office property means that everything will work as it should, so there’ll be no more delays, accidents or mistakes due to insufficient resources.


Update noticeboards
This is often the last thing that comes to mind, but checking noticeboards will result in out of date messages and posters going in the bin and making space for new ones. Noticeboards regularly become messy due to no one clearing them, so add this to your weekly list as it will only take a minute yet makes a big difference.


Plants go a long way
Adding greenery to your office will make it far more welcoming and attractive. We suggest some large potted plants or indoor trees in busy communal areas, as well as encouraging staff to add small ones to their desks or windowsills. If some of your colleagues are terrible at keeping plants alive, you can’t go wrong with a mini cactus, just make sure it’s not in a place that will cause a health and safety hazard. When this is done, you can admire your living environment and feel revitalised by the clean air.


Hire a professional cleaning team
The majority of the actions above will only need doing every year or so – it’s primarily a case of keeping on top of junk and storing away equipment when it’s not in use. If you’d like your commercial premises to also be clean, hygienic and fresh-smelling, call our team on 01482 880477 to arrange regular visits.

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